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Ongoing aid deliveries to Velika Novosilka / Donetsk / Ukraine (November 2022)

The situation on the ground is very difficult. The supply is very bad. At the moment we are trying to get as much essential material to Velika Novosilka before the cold wave sets in. The living conditions are very bad due to cold, lack of electricity, little food and destroyed infrastructure. The high transport costs are not making it easy for us at the moment. Therefore, as usual, we would like to thank the donors and volunteers in Austria, Germany, Romania and Ukraine. If anyone would like to help us, he/she can do so not only with a donation to Verein für weltweite Nothilfe IBAN: AT95 3242 6000 0091 3863, but sharing our contributions also helps us a lot to get a wider reach and thus one or the other Euro more. Thank you for making it possible for us to help. Many people count on us.

More Information: LINK

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