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Debriefing aid delivery for Konstantinovka / Ukraine

"Our aid project for the people of Ukraine".

Our friend Vitali writes:

"Hello Georg. Today we were in the village of Konstantinovka, 6 kilometres from the front, houses dilapidated from shelling, the local authorities don't bring help to the people there because they are afraid of coming under fire, we distributed 200 food packages, people waited for us because there is practically no food. On the way the car boiled 10 times, we had to stop to put water in the cooling system, but we still arrived and helped the people. The people there are simple, hard workers, many of them have bruises from flying window shards from the blast."

"We were shelled, we had to lie down on the ground for a bit to rest." Google translate

Thank you to my Ukrainian friends

Thank you to everyone who is making help possible

"Association for Worldwide Emergency Aid"

IBAN: AT95 3242 6000 0091 3863


or via paypal to

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