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Children's Day in Pershotravensk / Ukraine

Our aid project for the people of Ukraine

Distribution of donations in kind on "Children's Day" in Pershotravensk, where the number of internally displaced people from Donbass is steadily increasing.

On the same day, countless cruise missiles fly over Pershotravensk in the direction of Kiev, Pavlograd and Dnipro, where countless civilians are again injured and killed by Putin's attacks.

Thank you to everyone who makes the transport of relief supplies possible!!!!


Association for worldwide emergency aid

IBAN: AT95 3242 6000 0091 3863


or via paypal to



I post as many pictures so people can see where their donations are going.

I'm still posting with a delay for security reasons.

Whoever spreads Putin's propaganda should be ashamed of themselves. Personally, I don't accept stupidity as an excuse.

Please share!!!!!

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