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Aid delivery Soledar / Ukraine

Help for the people in Soledar.

We deliver food, clothing, medicine powerbanks. There is no electricity.

The front line is right on the city limits.

At the time of distribution, there is fighting.

On a makeshift stove, a family immediately starts cooking our brought food.

Some faces are pixelated by request.

We always ask if we can take pictures and are considerate. However, most people want us to document the misery for the rest of Europe.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helps us help.

As our budget is coming to an end I need to post our account details.

Please via

Verein für weltweite Nothilfe "Association for Worldwide Emergency Aid"

IBAN: AT95 3242 6000 0091 3863


or via paypal to

Our help arrives

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